I don’t know what it is – something electronic.


I’ve recently been showing lots of photos from our time living in the wilderness way back (if you are interested and haven’t seen them already, see the posts with photos listed in the drop-down menu “Wilderness photos”) and, while interesting – I hope – they are sixteen or so years old and from film, and so look rather poor quality compared to today’s pictures. Well, Greg recently bought a new camera, an electronic whiz-bang whateveritis with the capability of unlimited shots, or so it seems, but up to this weekend, I hadn’t used it.

echidna closeup1

The weekend before last was a long weekend in the ACT (Australia Capital Territory, where Greg works, so he got the day off), and we had gone for a great day out in the countryside. The trip had been so enjoyable and the scenery so beautiful this time of year, I expressed the wish that we’d taken the camera along. This weekend (just gone) was another long weekend, so we repeated the exercise – to different places – and this time the camera came too.

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