What Pyromaniac?


Because it’s the end of the week here in Australia, and because it’s a long weekend and I don’t know what we will be up to (so blogging might be light), but mostly because I did promise you more stories this week from our wilderness years when we lived in a hole in the ground – no house, no electricity on line, no water on tap (except what we plumbed in ourselves) and no sewage – here are some more pictures for your perusal and entertainment (sorry, no snake picture, click “Let’s get the snake pictures out of the way, then, shall we?” for those).

There are two types of fire, there’s the controlled burn and there’s the wildfire, and you use the former to (hopefully) negate the latter.


Our land in the Top End (Northern Territory) had a lot of spear grass. Just to remind you, spear grass looks like this:


As you can see, it’s called spear grass for a reason. When it dies off, it bulks down into dry grasses that are thick and uncompromising (ignore the pyromaniac in the picture for now).

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