The little buggers ate WHAT?


Nature will absorb you into its system very readily and works heartily to do so – it will absorb you right into its food chain, if it can – this is a post about nature’s strength, the soundness of it, the vitality and robustness of Life seen and witnessed firsthand, but I should also point out that it was surprising to me purely for the backdrop of misinformation I had come from, fed to me without my awareness via television and politics and fear-mongering (no, I’m not going to wander into politics, I’m merely pointing out that I was taught to be fearful for the future, for humankind, for animals and nature and all the things we’d been told humankind was “destroying” and why it was such an upbeat thing to find it wasn’t so).

When did I wake up to just how powerful nature is? After moving out into the wild, pretty bloody quickly.

We wanted to enjoy the wilderness because we love nature. That’s why we moved onto a wilderness block, so we could live there in a tiny section of it, and enjoy all the beauty and the wildlife of the rest of it with most of our 250 acres in Australia’s Top End (Northern Territory) left completely undisturbed. Which is what we did.

Well, as you know, we nudged Nature over and made a little space for ourselves. Nature nudged right back and took up her rightful wilderness-mode position – which was all over us. The seven foot python under the bed, then the bats, then the flood, then more snakes, all these things were subtle hints that Nature was in charge here and always will be. [Note: the links above are stories only and have no pictures – for snake pictures, see HERE, for others look through the pages listed under Wilderness Photos in the top menu.]

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