Aaaaand it’s full steam ahead.

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Stepping between one book finished and another beginning is weird – I hadn’t considered it before and didn’t notice it when I went from book one in The Khekarian Series to book two, but I have noticed it quite strongly between book two and book three. One moment I was flat out working on getting The King’s Sacrifice completed and out the door, the next it was gone, as though someone had ripped it out of my hands and replaced a finished work with blank paper.

I suspect it has to do with that annoying little fact that I didn’t get a chance to shelve it for a month or two and take that leisurely read I wanted to take. I don’t feel as though I’ve read it at all, which is crazy as I lived inside that story for the full nine months it took to write it, I read through it again and again, just not at that leisurely as-a-reader pace. I will one day, probably when the third book is sitting, shelved, waiting for me to do the right thing and give it a proper thumbs up before letting it out of my grasp.

So. The King’s Sacrifice was ripped out of my hands and is loose in the Internet, proudly following The Khekarian Threat. I’ve got the template and the name AND the cover for book three. I’ve got a pile of notes, old and new. I’ve taken time off, I’m rested and ready to go. I have done my Starting Dance.

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