We draw our fears to us – the snakes told me so.

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After our little adventure with the very localized flood, I flattened out a little porch area outside the pit that was our lounge/bedroom, and we extended the tin roof over it, then I built mud walls and made it into an actual room, complete with glass sliding windows and a flat-stone tiled floor – and that became the new bedroom, simply so we wouldn’t drown in our sleep (see yesterday’s post HERE).

However, we were back to uninvited visitors (for earlier ones, see SNAKES and BATS) because we still had no door.

This particular evening was weird. Around sunset I had bumped into a variety of snakes around the camp, the poisonous variety this time. I say weird because you don’t normally get clustered sightings like that, particularly of different types. One was a Death Adder, which is deadly, but at least very distinguishable and – more importantly – slow. The other I think was a brown snake, but might have been one of any number, all dangerous. In Australia, pythons are about the only non-poisonous snakes, we have a high collection of the kill-you types.

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