Buffeting tides of emotion – yours and others.

Artistic people are frequently wide open to the emotional tides around them – writers, artists, actors, all who work with emotions as tools of their trade and the fabric of their universe, ebb and flow along the currents that inspire them, that carry them, that sometimes control them.

Is it because we explore emotions so thoroughly that we are susceptible? I suspect so. As a writer, I will speak from a writer’s perspective, but it is true across the board (you’ll each recognize it in your own art). We enter the field willingly – we weep when our characters weep, if we did not, how can we create the scene? The best writing is written from inside the event, not outside, so inside we must be or our words are hollow and our readers will feel nothing for our characters, nor for our effort. We feel and we want our readers to feel, so we climb inside the fence line and run with our heroes and villains and strive to capture the essence that is each one of them.

Yet what we create has repercussions in our own lives, too, and we sometimes return from our adventures exhausted. Whether we capture our desires on paper successfully or not, we lived the events in the arenas of our minds.

People are by nature curious, intelligent and problem-solvers. We pick up books or watch movies that give us a break from our own problems by allowing us to indulge in solving someone else’s problems. It’s fun. It’s what we do so well. Sometimes we are looking for solutions to our own problems through books and films and, if it gives us a spark of an idea, so be it. We like challenges. Challenges inspire us.

So… that means books and films are about challenging situations, dramatic events and as many twists and turns a writer can put in there to keep up the tension and excitement.

Artistic people, therefore, splash around a great deal in the emotional playground of creativity.

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