Yes, a science fiction with a psychic in it.

Interestingly enough, last week, during my 5-day only giveaway of The Khekarian Threat on Kindle, I noticed many more people followed the links when I referred to the untrained and inexperienced young psychic (the main character) who is striving to escape the clutches of an exiled Khekarian prince desperate to return to power and with an axe to grind – okay, so I didn’t mention the axe, but the point is, the psychic grabbed attention to the extent that it prompted me to change the description of the book on Amazon and make me wish I’d done it earlier. Unfortunately, the change kicked in after the giveaway was over.

I like the change because it presents a more personal perspective, and will undoubtedly help prevent a repeat of the “this isn’t science fiction because it’s got a psychic in it” review (I say prevent because, presumably, people so opposed to the subject won’t pick up the book in the first place – I’m assuming here that folk actually read the description before deciding to download).

So, why is there a psychic in my science fiction?

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