A waffle that ends with quality… Gosh!

I seem to be beyond the point I’m supposed to be. Of course, I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, but some parts of me are trying to catch up with the parts of me that are beyond me. Except they aren’t…

…No, no, no, try that again.

What I’m trying to say is this series is flying. Book two, The King’s Sacrifice, is done and out already. It seems only a minute ago I was still in the thick of it, and it felt good having a book “almost done”. Only it’s out and flying and I’m back to a book (book three) that is barely started. It’s a weird feeling, as though I’ve moved so fast I’ve left me behind.

Maybe it’s that I got so used to seeing a deadline, that I still feel a push to be done, and lost that I don’t have a nearly finished book anymore. Like I say, weird. So, I’m getting into book three, but feel like I have jumped over stuff that I haven’t, because it’s done.

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