The Khekarian Threat and The King’s Sacrifice are fast-paced, meaty and in some places sexually explicit and quite hot. If you like science fiction, enjoy a good plot, want to meet characters up close and personal, like realism, enjoy erotica and sex, don’t mind swearing and some violence – hey, it’s all here!

Since publishing The Khekarian Threat, I have promoted it and The Khekarian Series by giving the first book out for free on Kindle whenever possible. Near on 600 pages of good stuff. Since October 2012, I have given more than 750 copies away.

I have done this for very practical reasons. If you are anything like me, you pause before picking up the work of a new author. You don’t know that their work is any good and it becomes a small financial risk to find out. Likely as not, you’ll put that one back and go for someone you already know, someone trusted. However, a book that looks interesting and is going for free gives you the chance to find out with nothing invested except your time, and hey, you can always put it down if you don’t like it.

Folks? This isn’t a hobby for me. It was never my intention just to write a book for the sake of seeing my name in print, or for the five minutes of fame associated with it. I didn’t start writing so I could be “famous” some day, or start prancing about like a snob. Yes there ARE people like that, I’m simply not one of them. The story is more important to me than my name.

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