Aaaargh! At least it’s out.

The book, that is, The King’s Sacrifice, not the “Aaaargh!” Then again, that’s probably better out, too.

So, what happened? What took so long? Was I slacking off? Sick? Not here? None of the above. After getting the stages 1, 2 and 3 done, I was hot to trot, but found myself besieged by a series of delays that took me from Tuesday (Monday in the USA) all the way up to Sunday (Saturday in the USA). I never stopped moving forward, but at times it was achingly slow with every delay adding an extra 12 to 24 hours onto the wait.

Gremlins? Had to be! Maybe I just noticed it more. When my first book, The Khekarian Threat, went up, no one was expecting it (I wasn’t blogging then), so very few knew about it and I had no sense of anyone waiting. Those who were, of course, had no idea if the book would really be any good, so it was all very laid back and polite.

This time around, with The Khekarian Threat a strong favourite, the eagerness for The King’s Sacrifice was palpable (love you guys and gals), and I felt that every delay kept you waiting, too.

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