Sci-fi – Final Preparation

The writing of The King’s Sacrifice, second book in the Khekarian Series, is now completed. All that’s necessary now boils down into three steps.

Step one:  I read it through as a writer, to check everything is as it should be with regard to spelling, formatting, continuity and flow. This is the first time I will have read the completed work from start to finish, and my mind will be on professionalism. Anything that jars or does not sit right even slightly will be dealt with at this stage.

Step two:  I hand it over to my tame Test Reader and Sounding Board, my husband Greg. This is his first look at the story and he will view it as a reader does. He has a natural gift for picking up spelling or grammatical errors I have missed, so he will point those out, too, and they will be fixed. Any other issues will also be brought to the fore. That means, if anything jars or does not sit right with him, it will be dealt with at this stage.

Step three:  I take another full read through with all the corrections in place. This time, I’m looking at the finished article – not as a writer, but as a reader, not looking for errors, just seeing how the whole looks and feels as one unit. If I’m happy with it, I launch, simple as that.

How long will this take?

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