Five Days are Up. THANK YOU.

A warm Thank You to all who took advantage of the free download of the Kindle version of The Khekarian Threat and/or who shared the information with their friends to allow them to get a copy, too. This is valuable to me because it allows new readers to learn firsthand that my brand of science fiction is unique, human and loaded with action and adventure, enjoyed even by non-sci-fi fans.

As a newly published author, there is much for me to do. With a tide of brand new books out every single day, I have my work cut out to stand apart from the crowd and to prove myself worthy of attention. It doesn’t matter that I have been writing for forty years – readers don’t know that – bottom line is, it’s very hard to convince someone that your work is outstanding when they have never heard of you before. It’s even harder to convince them that this sci-fi isn’t just any sci-fi.

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