ONE Character Went His Own Way – And The Whole Dang Series Followed.

This is also about how one book became a series. That’s right. The whole Khekarian Series came about because ONE non-vital character took a turn I did not expect. That’s a big WOW. Seriously. How can so much come out of one little change, one little display of independence by a secondary character who simply came forward to be a little more interesting than bland?

Way back in the formation years (so long ago now, I’m not telling), I had in mind a psychological thriller/science fiction. It was a blood and guts thing, a story of oppression and sexual abuse. Hey, I was just a kid when I first concocted all this, it’s been with me a long time, so a little leniency, please.

Anyhoo, it was ONE BOOK. The Bad Guy was simply a monster on a killing spree. No one could stop him, those who tried, died. Nice and bloodthirsty. Aleisha was a victim of sexual assault just trying to survive and get out. So… apart from some sexual assault further along (and the Bad Guy’s focus is now elsewhere), the only thing that remains is her wanting to survive and get out.

The original might have worked, only I wasn’t getting anywhere with agents and publishers, which I took to be because I wasn’t politically correct and that I wasn’t allowed to have women as victims of sex abuse anymore (dang!). I didn’t at that time realize the publishing industry has gone to the dogs and NO ONE in the field dares take on anything outside their own box of “what works for them”.

No matter. Point is, I couldn’t sell it (it was blinking hot, too). I thought it was a problem I had to fix. So I fixed it. The change came about in stages. [Continue reading…]