Why this Blogging Author is a Different Writer to the Book Writing Author. Oh Blog! Please don’t judge my work by my blog!

You may have notice – I hope you’ve noticed – I write differently when I write on my blog. I guess all authors do. I write as though I am writing a letter, saying hello and talking to someone. I’m very much on the page. In my fiction, of course, I don’t exist. I’m simply not there.

This is as it should be. As a reader, you want to lose yourself so completely in a story, there’s no room for an author, no room for anything else but the story. For the duration of the read, you are IN the action, caring and feeling, wondering and hoping, chewing your nails occasionally, fearing for the Good Guys, secretly liking the Bad Guys (it’s alright, I won’t tell anyone) and speculating how it’s all going to end.

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