Knitting needle in the brain causes memory loss – Fact or Fiction?

Recently I posted some preview pages titled Mij, an excerpt from The Imperial Son, The King’s Sacrifice, Book Two in The Khekarian Series (due out in a few months published July 2013). In it, a thirteen year-old girl, captured by Khekarian Forces, is being threatened with torture.

Lieutenant Jy’shon-Tahn, the Khekarian torturer, explains graphically how a knitting needle type of tool can be used and what mayhem it causes when pushed up a person’s nostril, through the bone and into the deeper, more primitive brain.

It’s scary stuff and Mij is suitably scared.

Is the Khekarian bluffing? Is Lieutenant Jy’shon-Tahn telling the truth here? Is this fact or fiction?

More to the point, did the author get it wrong? :O

Actually, it’s fact. Click to read more and find out why.